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NorthSideBenji – Way Too Much Love

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NorthSideBenji Drops “Way Too Much Love”

Canada’s own NorthSideBenji has just given us his latest single “Way Too Much Love”. With a deep bassline and beautifully depthful bars from the artist, this record is a moody experience from one of Ontario’s most exciting rappers. Tap in with this fantastic new song and experience the atmosphere for yourself.

Beginning to write and rap in his teens, NorthSideBenji developed his style and abilities for years before he posted his first songs online in 2016. Building a strong online following, Music 4 Life signed him on the back of his already well-established fanbase. With a steady stream of music over the next few years, one of NorthSideBenji’s biggest successes came with the song “Levels” featuring friend and fellow rapper Houdini. The track went on to achieve gold certification, landing on Benji’s debut EP “Caviar Dreams”. Sadly, Houdini was killed in a 2020 shooting. With the weight of this in his heart, Benji released his debut LP “The Extravagant Collection” in 2021 and dedicated the project to Houdini’s memory.

2022 has seen Benji release several singles including the posthumous “Repeat” with Houdini, and the awesome track “One In the Chamber”. Benji was also featured as a performer in the popular “COLORS” YouTube series, where he performed “Raids”. “Way Too Much Love” comes as another successful venture for the young artist.

NorthSideBenji Way Too Much Love

NorthSideBenji – Way Too Much Love

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Incredible production on this track comes from Nweezy, Andre Denim, and Cole Hunter. Minimal percussion is placed over an enveloping reese bass, with Benji’s voice being soaked in reverb and delay. These elements combine to give the track a dreamy quality, with the sorrowful lyrics bringing you to an incredible emotional place. “I’ve been contemplating taking drugs for my mental” Benji rhymes, revealing his struggles with depression throughout the course of the song. His openness makes for a wonderful record, a must-listen to be sure.

Orazio is on the visuals for this one, with an intro panning through the night time streets of Toronto. The CN tower comes into frame as the title to the song appears, written in a classical font that pairs well with the luxury in the rest of the video. Benji is seen rapping amidst an extremely high-class dinner table. He and his friends are poured expensive wine and served high-quality meals as he raps about overcoming the challenges that came with getting to this point. A feeling of success is what the viewer is left with, though not without cost.

NorthSideBenji continues to impress with this latest heater, but if you want to keep locked in with this artist’s future projects you can check out his Instagram. “Way Too Much Love” is an excellent end-of-the-year single for Benji, and we look forward to what he brings in 2023.