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Freshy DaGeneral x Zoe Floxks – Higher

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Freshy DaGeneral and Zoe Floxks Come Together for “Higher”

New York rappers Freshy DaGeneral and Zoe Floxks have joined forces for “Higher”. An urgent and intense take on hard-hitting NYC music. Freshy and Zoe both come out guns blazing on this tune, spitting intense drill bars and over an equally intense beat. Clearly the duo work well together, the fruits of their labor on full display with track. Check out “Higher” and feel the energy.

Freshy DaGeneral has been heavy on his grind for the past few years. Firstly dropping the track “Look” in 2020, the artist’s talent has been on full display since that release. “Look” establishes the rapper’s distorted vocal style, rapping hard lines with a deep grit in his voice. He followed this up with six additional songs in 2020 alone. Markedly, his track “Slide” achieved a great deal of popularity that year, earning just under a million streams on Spotify. Those early releases propelled his notoriety in the genre, still releasing amazing songs in that style today. “Higher” is a great addition to the rapper’s catalog, an absolute must-listen.

Joining Freshy on the track is fellow New York Rapper Zoe Floxks. A frequent collaborator of Fresh, he can also be seen in several of his other songs. “High All The Time”, “Cupid Shuffle”, and “Lights Out” all have the duo putting their best foot forward. Certainly, Zoe himself has fantastic tracks of his own out as well. Not the least of which is “Take Trips”, a single whose video has hit twenty seven thousand views on YouTube. His brutal bars are a great compliment to Freshy, as demonstrated excellently on “Higher”.

Freshy DaGeneral Zoe Floxks Higher
Greshy DaGeneral x Zoe Floxks – Higher

Ready to Breeze You

The kick on this record is what drives the pace. A classic Jersey kick pattern underlying a soulfully sampled male vocal and acoustic guitar. Once the intro closes out, Freshy takes the first verse. His rhymes come through at a lightning pace over the instrumental. Explicitly cold lines like “no shit no fuss I’m ready to breeze you” litter his verse. Subsequently, Zoe’s verse has just rapid fire. “Yo Fresh, we lit” he calls drenched in a deep reverb. The impact of the track is undeniable, leaving a fantastic impression.

Jon Cintron takes the reins on the music video, lending his unique vision to the artists. The rappers perform their parts in the darkness of a New York park, surrounded by their crew. Later on deep in the subway, the spit next to storage lockers amidst an ever increasing crowd turning up with them. The whole visual is coated with film-like special effects, giving a vintage feeling to the whole project. Overall, the energy matches that of the song easily.

You can find Freshy and Zoe on Instagram, where they post actively on their latest projects and happenings. “Higher” is currently out on YouTube, with Croxxings looking forward to any more collaborations between the two.