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Da Crook – FLUENT

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Da Crook releases a new official video for a song FLUENT! 

Da Crook has a new video for the song Fluent. The premiere of the new visual was on August 7 2022. The song received several thousand views and many positive comments in just a few hours. The visual is on Da Crook’s official YouTube channel. The song Fluent is a fantastic mix of good-sounding rhythm and energy.

Already in the first bars, when you hear the first chords of the song, you will feel positive energy. Chords in the piano with a female vocal in the first bars prepare us for a fire of fast rhythm and firing rhymes in time. From the first second, Da Crook starts dropping his rhymes; his drill bars with this soundtrack has the audience in awe.

Da Crook, along with this brutal music and the fast rhythm he drives, has also created exciting video content. The rapper and his partners made an exciting house party where he invited many attractive women who completed this ambiance. This party is shown in a dim red light where Da Crook’s masked team turnup and dance to his rhymes.

If you want to hear something that will raise your energy and put you in a good mood, then the song Fluent is for you.

The song Fluent is just a series of pieces this young rapper has released in the last few months. Da Crook has worked hard on his new songs and released several hits. Just a month ago, the rapper released the song More Than Music, quickly gaining a lot of views and becoming increasingly popular on all platforms.

What particularly surprised the audience was the collaboration with DJ Charlie B. These two artists released a visual for their new song Cheffin’ Up two months ago. In this short time, the song has almost 100 thousand views. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this visual.

At the beginning of his career, the rapper introduced himself to the audience under the name Killah Da Crook, but soon after, he changed his nickname to Da Crook. This year, the rapper celebrates ten years since he started publishing his songs.

As his audience likes to say, this young rapper doesn’t need to autotune like many of his fellow  rappers to turn every song into a banger.

The popularity of this rapper is also growing on Instagram, where almost 40 thousand people follow him. When his new song Fluent finally came out, the rapper praised his followers and posted his promotional content. Fans and the audience shower the rapper with numerous positive comments on the post where he announced that the song is out.

On Da Crook’s Instagram, you can find the most content where the rapper publishes his music and informs the audience about his future projects. If you want to stay updated with current events, follow Da Crook’s profile.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the new visual for the song Fluent, click on the link below. Tell us in the comments how you like Da Croock’s latest music and what is his favourite song.