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Da Crook, A Bar For Bar Rapper From Toronto

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Nickname: Da Crook / Killah

Name:  Not Currently Known

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

Da Crook is a Toronto rapper who has started releasing music in 2012, and by 2021 he has a lot of well-received songs and a good reputation.

He first introduced himself as Killah Da Crook, but he soon changed his nickname to Da Crook.

The Canadian rapper got more spotlight because of his well known song “No Hemi”

In the tracks, he showed off his interesting lyrical skills and tuned voice, and he started serving hit after hit.

The music video got very popular because the song samples the theme from “Assassin’s Creed 2”.

Later on, the rapper says he wanted to show some versatility, so he dropped “Do you dirty,” which soon became a very well-known melody.

After the success of “Do you dirty,” a melodic masterpiece, in September 2021, the rising star dropped the song “Green Light.”

The music video for “Green Light” is everything you need to see today, the effort that the young rapper puts in his work can be seen easily.

Da Crook teased a new project on his IG profile with some dope lyrics, but we are still not sure what he is up to yet.

We love when a rapper is consistent but puts out something different and upgraded every time- and that is Da Crook.

His constant work is reflected in his songs, so don’t sleep on him.

Follow Da Crook on his Instagram profile if you want to keep up with his work:

Check out the music video for “Green Light” below on this page.

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