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TVGUCCI Gets It From the Source in “BORA BORA”

Toronto legend TVGUCCI has dropped the music video for his latest single “BORA BORA”. The track, off of his 2021 album “Big Screen”, now has a luxurious visual accompaniment. Particularly lavish in his bars, TVGUCCI paints a picture of a high class lifestyle over the fat 808s. With a surprise guest appearance from none other than Drake, this video is a supremely entertaining venture for the artist. Tap into this track to feel what it really means to live the high life.

Making his debut in 2017 with the track “TLVSD”, TVGUCCI burst on the scene with his gritty bars about rich living and undeniable hooks. Born in Toronto’s south side, he used his area to full advantage and made connections with local talent. The Reps Up Entertainment movement was the first to find the artist’s support, but he would later find himself signed to OVO Entertainment. Not only signed to the massive label, but also the rapper would find himself making connections with rap superstar Aubery Graham.

TVGUCCI made a name for himself with Drake, finding himself opening up for the artist in several runs of shows. Not only that, he would be involved in co-signing Drake on French Montana’s “No Stylist” and Drake’s own “War”. Undeniable in his hustle and grind, TVGUCCI has released several banger singles in 2022. With non-stop music coming from the rapper, its cool to see him bringing out a slightly older track for this new video.


Swish, I Scored

Co-produced by Houmi and Kxvis, the record has the feeling of money and power throughout. Staccato violins have a longing string melody played over top, with the choppy percs dropping in to create the perfect vibe for TVGUCCI. Equally lavish are TVGUCCI’s bars, speaking about the standard of living that he can easily afford.  “They don’t sell this in the stores, I get this from the source” TVGUCCI rhymes. Each bar fills the listener with the sense of the rapper’s standard, name dropping high-end fashion brands and drip. If you want to feel like a wealthy man, look no further than this track.

The music video was directed by Drake himself, who is featured prominently throughout. TVGUCCI and his crew are all decked completely in white, with the artist himself repping massive glittering chains. “Based on actual events” flashes across the screen, so you understand that this is no fantasy for TVGUCCI. Surrounded by beautiful women, TVGUCCI performs with a swagger and ease only present in veteran artists like himself. Through the course of the video, we get a taste of the audio in the room the artist is in. The party sounds incredible, matching the final feeling of the video.

TVGUCCI can be found on Instagram posting consistently about his journey as a rapper in the 6ix. Check out “BORA BORA” on YouTube right now, as well as the rest of “Big Screen” if you enjoy the energy this artist brings.