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Burna Bandz x Houdini – LIKE A PERC

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New video out for Burna Bandz x Houdini – Like a Perc

A new video called Like a Perc has been released on the official channel of the publishing house – “UpTop Movement Inc.” The video was released on May 22, 2022, and already has over 60,000 views on YouTube. The song is listened to on all platforms, and the audience’s reactions are great.

As we could have guessed, the audience reacted upward to Houdini. Leaving numerous comments on YouTube and other social networks, mostly everyone says how sad they are that Houdini is no longer with us and how much he misses the music scene.

This video brought nostalgia and joy to all of Houdini’s fans, who especially miss him. The fact that he collaborated with many and recorded numerous duets shows how much this artist misses his friends.

Immediately after the song’s release, Burna Bandz also posted on his Instagram profile with a poignant message: First of all, I want to say – Long live my brother Hou, I love you forever, you know that. We leave this for the fans.”

This artist shot this video in several locations, and we can notice that they are in the video as interesting locations, such as the location of, say, a museum. In addition to these shots in the closed space, the production made some good shots in the open space. Furthermore, the production made great visual details, such as tablets or weapons that revolve around the singers as they rap. Souradnig indicates the obsession with thoughts that revolve in the artist’s thoughts.

This song is not the first collaboration between these two artists. Back in 2018, they collaborated on the single Late Nights. After two years, they re-recorded another in a series of videos for the single Can’t Guard Him. The collaboration of these two artists always brings something good and some refreshing sound to which the audience reacts great. The audience loves the cooperation of these two artists because the reviews on YouTube are constantly growing, both for this and the previous songs they recorded.

Undoubtedly, his death affected not only the fans but also his friends with whom he made music. However, what is especially great is that Houdini lives through music by continuing to publish and listen to the songs that he previously recorded with his colleagues and friends. We are especially working to hear if something new will come out when the collaboration between Burna Bandz and Houdini and whether they recorded something else before his death that could be published soon.

Until then, check out this new video for the single Like a Perc.

Read a part of the lyrics from the song below:

Don’t think that I’m coming back later (Later)

And I had bad days (Bad), bet I do have mad haters (Haters)

She a nat, ayy (Nat), why the fuck would I save her (Save)

I’m up in L.A, wonder what I’m do myself (oh)