NorthSideBenji – 30,000 ft


It has been a minute since we heard some music from North Side Benji; he surprised fans with unexpected visuals for ” 30 000 ft ” on 2.7.2021. The music video is trending with just over 30k views, and you don’t want to miss this one.

Giving music a break just after his biggest hits, ” Confessions” and “Levels,” was a huge blow for his rising fandom. However, the rapper has fate in their patience and love, so he asked his fans to hype him up on Instagram by reposting the song.

The Toronto rapper is seen in the music video, mainly in the airplane, which is the main symbol of the song. The Toronto rapper flexes his riches and his urban lifestyle while being dressed all in white.

The song has an easy flow, perfect for mainstream USA rap, so this song has a good chance to blow up. 

Many compared North Side to Houdini, saying that they got that hood-like vibe and go hard on the beat.

There are no hints at a new album and possible collaborations, but once he is back, North Benji better be consistent with his releases.

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Quotable lyrics:

” See 30 000 feet up, and I ain’t going home,

we came from testing these pistols out on open road,

now it is looking like ice cream that was dipped in gold,

now I need plenty of different phones for all of these different hoes.”