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Tony Parker, A Music Producer From Toronto

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Tony Parker

Producer Spotlight: Tony Parker

Music production, much like rapping itself, is a skill that can take years to hone. Beginning from a love of your favorite albums and evolving into wanting to emulate them, production is a bug that many young musicians catch without ever being able to shake it. Not that they would ever want to! Tony Parker is one such producer for whom music is their life. With absolutely dirty sampling chops, Tony is out here making fantastic records that ooze with his personality and lets the artists that work with him truly shine.

Growing up in the suburbs outside of Toronto, Tony Parker received his first and most prominent exposure to music from his father. Being the drummer and lead singer of a band in his youth, Tony’s dad showed a plethora of different kinds of music to the young producer growing up. From funk to rap to even classic club music, Tony’s early years were filled with sounds from all sorts of genres.

But it wasn’t until he heard the Waka Flocka Flame classic “Hard on the Paint” That Tony tried his hand at music production directly. “It was so new and different to everything else out at the time”, he remarks, “I didn’t take music seriously until later on, but that song definitely started it all”.

Beginning to hop on his grind with beatmaking, Tony locked in and began to cook up regularly. He has since worked with dozens of artists and is becoming a real force within the scene. Rappers such as Smiley, Harman, KHEM, AR Paisley and many more all have several tracks with Tony Parker’s Signature production.

Tony Parker

It’s My Turn

Tony Parker remarks that the “It’s My Turn Freestyle” by Yung Lava was the track that started to get him the most attention in his home city. The track begins with a somber piano line, lazily plodding its way up and down the keyboard before switching into a brutal sample from the gangster classic “King of New York”. “You think you’re going to live long enough to spend that money, you hump?” is followed by gunshots, and then by Yung Lava’s disgusting flows. The 808s come in absolutely grimey, low, and distorted, leaving tons of space for the Lava to talk his shit. The high-hats take an interesting choice in this track as well, being put further back in the mix to the point they become more of a texture than a rhythmic element. It’s easy to see why this track caught eyes on it, with over half a million plays on Spotify alone.

The beats produced by Tony Parker are undeniably heavy, his specific sense of rhythm and pocket make for a unique experience on every song. To see more of what Tony has put together, check out his Instagram and catch exactly what kind of fantastic projects he is working on. Keep your eyes on this one, because for certain this is only the beginning for this young producer.