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Reapz – Hood Favourite (Bando Basic)

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Hood Favourite (Reapz)’ is out now! Stream via YouTube

The song Hood Favourite is the melody you will listen to all summer long. In late May, Reapz released his new video for the song Hood Favorite, which already has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. The song is on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel.

Music and a good vibe are something that the audience comments on the most. In this song, Reapz talks about himself and tells his life story. Due to the honest and good lyrics, the audience easily recognized the good thing immediately, and the song was played on all platforms.

An energetic and cheerful team will get you on your feet, and you will surely adore this song. The video alternates scenes with his team at several locations, and the good scenery is accompanied by good vibes everywhere.

Before releasing his debut single, this promising rapper was a big star on social networks, especially TikTok. He is recognizable by the instrument with which he makes interesting and creative videos on TikTok, which delight the audience daily. Ukulele is an instrument he used for this song, and he brought special energy, which sets this song apart from other songs that are listened to.

As soon as you hear the song, you will let it repeat for sure because it is so moving and light.

As the star of TikTok, he was on the playlist on 1Xtra, which was a great success. He has over 112 thousand followers on his profile on this social network, while some of his videos have about half a million views. If you want to hear something creative and interesting, check out his TikTok profile and follow this very talented rapper. These days, the video stood out when the rapper plays two different ukuleles to his audience and asks his fans which of the two instruments sounds better.

There are already several hundred very interesting videos on TikTok with this song, which were recorded by his fans and the audience, which only tells us how much this song became a hit in a short time.

If you want to follow this creative artist, follow him on his Instagram profile, where he also posts his videos on TikTok and other interesting content. When the song came out on the YouTube channel, he told his fans and, at the same time, said that their support was unreal. These days, the rapper publishes the most content related to the new song, whereas the video reactions of a blogger enthusiastic about the song stand out. The latest information he shared with fans is Hood Favorite has been added to # 1 on Rap UK, which delighted his audience and other rappers.

Listen to the new Reapz song Hood Favorite and put it on your playlist today because you will surely enjoy this music all summer long.

Read-only a part of the chorus of the song Hood Favorite below:

Bando basic, hood favourite
See me, I’m your well-known rapper, trapper
L2, R2 tapper
Retail worker, keep it gangster
Never been one for the drama
But, them man are a bunch of actors
Workin’ for a BAFTA