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Don’t Play With It Freestyle by TIA BANK$

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Tia Bank$ Drops “Don’t Play With It Freestyle”

Tia Bank$ has just dropped some legendary bars with her “Don’t Play With It Freestyle”. Bars on top of bars keep Tias flow fresh every moment in this dope track. Both the track and music video carries an impossible swagger and intensity from moment to moment, keeping you entertained and absolutely locked in from beginning to end. Tap into the “Don’t Play With It Freestyle” and see the pure energy of this rising artist.

Originally born in Kingston, Jamaica, Tia Bank$ made the move to Toronto at just four years old. At the young age of twelve years old, Tia began to craft her first music. Originally she had no plans to rap, but an impromptu highschool cypher changed all that. She was persuaded to pursue a rap career at fifteen, obviously receiving great praise for her bars at the cypher.

She has been releasing music ever since, though much of it is no longer online. The tracks you can find, however, are absolute bangers. For instance the song “Statement”, produced by Danny P, is a cold drill beat with an extremely unique bounce. Tia’s bars speak of her grind out of hard times and hard people, her wordplay on full display. Her SoundCloud has the track “Gyalis”, which features sensual and dominant bars about her relationships. This track also features Tia flexing some auto-tuned singing, showing a different side to her music. Altogether, Tia’s talent is undeniable and deserves your full attention.

Tia Bank$ Don't Play With Me Freestyle
Tia Bank$ – Don’t Play With Me Freestyle

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The “Don’t Play With It Freestyle” is another elevation on the artist’s already considerable talent. During a beat ripe with pumping drums and a classical violin sample, Tia drops line after line of killer rhymes. “Don’t play with it like you holding the K, I don’t want your dick just put it away”. Icy power exudes from each bar, her flows carrying a complete intensity from bar to bar. The raw energy she puts into each line is contagious, forcing you to knock your head. An unbelievable performance to be sure.

The video holds a unique framerate at 60FPS. The crispiness of the visuals makes the whole thing hyper-real, emphasizing the swagger of Tia Bank$. A mic dangles down from the top of the frame, Tia performing into it in front of a convenience store. Furthermore, the daytime shoot adds to the realism of what Tia is out here doing. Concluding with a candid shot inside the store, the artist shares a laugh with the store owner as she raps to him behind the counter. Simple yet totally effective, the video communicates the vibes of the track perfectly.

Tia Bank$ can be found on Instagram, where you can find her promoting her latest projects and singles. “Don’t Play With Me” is available on YouTube right now, check it out for some hard bars from a fire MC.