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ITS HAB – Black on Black

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ITS HAB Releases “Black on Black”

ITS HAB comes at us straight out of Florida with the catchy new track “Black on Black”. A bouncy hip-hop joint with some spanish guitar flavour. The fierce flows from ITS HAB take you on a journey from beginning to end, “Black on Black” is another big W for ITS HAB. Take a moment and go listen to this dope new song.

Miramar is where this talented artist calls home, where he’s brought about a wave of excitement ever since the release of his single “Prosper”. Currently sitting at over 200,000 listens on Spotify, his personal and melodic songwriting elevates this and his other releases to another level. Part of the hip-hop collective I.T.S, he and fellow group member NoDaKid have slowly but surely been making their come-up in the south Florida scene. This year in particular has been an exciting one for the young rapper, dropping seven brand new singles including “Sleep Alone”, “Drowning”, and “Bigger Picture”. All of which capture his unique style and creative songwriting. 

This latest video drop for “Black on Black” has garnered over 300,000 views on YouTube, making this a classic in the making. Always on his grind, this is the fifth video for ITS HAB this year and this one is quite the achievement.

ITS HAB Black on Black

ITS HAB – Black on Black

Stylish Flows in a Bucket Hat

From the initial hit of spanish guitar and pitched up vocal chops, you already know this record is going to smash. Production from ProdByEquinox 3 expertly assembles these elements into a smooth rap beat that ITS HAB spits gorgeous bars over. Each line by ITS HAB is dripping with his signature soulful crooning and reflective style. The hook “black on black on black suburban” is catchy each time it comes back, with verses between these moments that all feel well shaped and effortlessly performed. He still sneaks in great punchlines in his bars like “your a sickness you worse than COVID”, while also speaking more earnestly such as in lines like “don’t speak on your loyalty, show it”. An excellent song to be sure.

Direction from Shootinreckless brings the best out of both the artist and the tune. ITS HAB shows up in a bucket hat with retro flames surrounding the brim and a neon-skeleton Anti-Social Social Club shirt. Scenes of a night at the club form the story, with the artist rapping in a parking garage before the evening, as well as outside the venue with his crew and several beautiful girls. The final location of the video is taken inside the club itself, purple-pink lights in a packed dance hall create the perfect vibe to feel like a night out.

ITS HAB is on Instagram, with pics from inside the studio and lots of promo for his upcoming tracks and performances. “Black on Black” is out now, go and stream this superb new song.