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Suuf Hefner – Talk ft. WhyG & 6ixbuzz (Video)

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Check out this incredible song “Talk,” Suuf Hefner and WhyG did in collaboration with 6ixbuzz.

Make some noise for these two Canadian Hip-Hop and Rap artists who recently dropped an absolute banger called “Talk.” The song is so great that you’ll listen to it for hours on repeat. On February 2, 2021, the official music video premiered and is racking up more than 108k views on YouTube so far.

The song “Talk” is not the first song these notable rappers released together. In 2019, these two Toronto and Vancouver artists dropped the song “Playboy Mansion” This song is a part of WhyG’s sixteen tracks album called “Mr. Vanishyah.” Along with three albums WhyG released, he also worked hard for his fan base and dropped four extended plays.

Vancouver rapper Suuf Hefner is still making his name in the underground music scene, but he is on the excellent way to gain more popularity than he currently has. He partnered with the Northside of Jane label – Blue Feather Records. As already mentioned, he worked before with WhyG on a song, “Playboy Mansion,” that didn’t get so many views as “Talk” did. That doesn’t mean that the song is also not unbelievably awesome. It makes you feel the need to move your head and dance to the beat.

WhyG has been present in the underground music scene for years now and has a slightly bigger fan base around him. He is famous for the collaborations he did so far with Hefner, Pressa, Killy, J Neat, and others. Some of his most famous songs are “Ketchin Up” and “PEEONS.” These two great rappers will continue to work on their music, so stay tuned up.

Check out the official music video “Talk” above, follow Suuf Hefner and WhyG, and stream their music on all available platforms.