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Lil Berete – Woke Up

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Lil Berete dropped a music video for his track “Woke up” on his YouTube channel. The rapper talks about fake love and jealousy on the track, and people love his authentic stories and experiences.

“I watched my hood die from jealousy” is a crazy line, but it is not the only one that is fire on this track. From the flow and the beat to Berete’s energy, none of his songs are trash.

The rapper is slowly but surely building his way to the top with his wavy flow. His fans just say he needs more promotion, and that is it. Lil Berete always brings out the new, better version of himself, so his tracks are never dull.

If you want to listen to something cool today, stop what you are doing and check out “Woke Up” by Lil Berete. You will enjoy a dope beat with some awesome bars and even better delivery.

Lil Berete has some great stories in his pocket, but he also knows when and how to deliver them. The visuals are on point, and we see him chilling in his hood. We hope Lil Berete has some new features for us in 2022; that would be epic.

If you don’t, follow Lil Berete on Instagram; here is a link to his profile:

Check out the music video for Lil Berete’s single above on this page. Drop a comment if you think “Woke Up” is a hit.

Quotable lyrics  for Woke Up:

“No I can’t slip up

Pour drank, now I’m back like a hiccup

King Kong how a young nigga build up

Free the guys and all the young niggas locked up

I can see your fake love, but now I finally woke up

Keep a gun so I’m really worried ’bout none.”