Fredo is back with another “free” freestyle, as he calls them, and we can say that he should go to prison for murdering this beat. This ones titled Independence Day.

The freestyle that that dropped on 6.5. 2021 has already over 1.000.000 views.

The music video is very simple, we see him recording in the studio in black and white, but the bars are far from simple. The whole point of the video is to add extra attention to the dope freestyle Fredo has created.

Fredo always tries to convey some meaning through his raps, and you have to listen carefully to catch all the puns and tricks.


Marvin William Bailey, known to the United Kingdom public as Fredo, is in the game since 2016.

His net worth is over 2 million, so no wonder that he states that he won’t do anything for free anymore in the song.

His most popular song is ‘Money Talks’, a single from his second album” Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, which featured Dave.

The young rapper admits that his style is inspired by 50 Cent and D- Black.

His music was his main drive when he was in prison, and he says that music has made him lead a different life.

If you want to check out Fredo’s new freestyle, click on the link below:

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Quotable lyrics:

“Call me Frеdo, but I’m also known as lord of the bling

Yo, his mum and dad weren’t ’round, he got closer with the gang

Had no bread up the kitchen, got that toaster in his hand

Nah, my opp’s don’t need to holidays with lotion and no sand

Just go stand up on your block, you’ll be closer to a tan.”