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TRiLLA – Comfort Zone

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The rising star Trilla released a music video for his new single “Comfort Zone” on 23.9.2021.

Skiimob was in charge of the dope visuals, and we can see Trilla throwing bars in the video.

Trilla has worked with Kilo and The finest, but now he showed his true potential on his new single “Comfort Zone”.

Trilla has a unique and easily recognizable voice, but he has also put a lot of work into the bars and the flow.

The beat is very interesting, and Trilla owns it from the start; he is very confident when he raps.

Trilla is only 20 years old, but he has a mature voice and is skilful with his lyrics.

One of the best bars on the song is “We apply all the  pressure, don’t matter repercussions.”

Comfort Zone is his introduction to the rap world.

“Comfort Zone” has about 11k views on YouTube, but that doesn’t honestly reflect how much potential the song has.

It just seems that he needs a bit of promotion to get his song heard, but it deserves more views.

The young rapper is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone and grabbing his chance of becoming famous.

He has an interesting sound, and we can’t wait to see his progress on some other songs.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Raising the bay, with influence from the East,

I’m so fucking with that bullshit, barely we’re

designing, she is still fucking with my fashion,

lights in the camera, she is not ready about that action”.