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G Herbo x Rowdy Rebel – Drill

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G Herbo drops out a new visual in collab with Rowdy Rebel for a new song Drill

G Herbo’s visual for the song Drill premiered on July 2, 2022. The visual is on G Herbo’s official YouTube channel. More than a million people viewed the song in just a few days. The song has become a huge hit on all platforms, and we are sure it will be a big hit.

Visual is one energetic content that will leave you speechless on the first viewing. G Herbo and Rowdy Rebel made a brutal quality visual in collaboration with Azae Production. The rappers filmed scenes showing their crew in a New York supermarket. With the production, the artists focused on their incredibly strong drill. The artists fired off rhymes at high speed and created one energetic song. Listening to the song Drill, you will enjoy 2 minutes of rapping in a beat without a break. The intensity of the drill increases until the end of the song.

The song drill is a fantastic combination of New York and Chicago sound influences. We can feel the fire between these two talented artists in this song.

The music and fast rhythm will move you after the first listen. G Herbo and Row Rebel have different voices, but their energy matched and made one brutally good sound. While listening to their drill in the background, you will be amazed by the sounds of heavy chords that contributed to making their rhymes sound even better.

If you like a strong, energetic song, then the song Drill is just for you.

Song Drill caused a lot of reactions on YouTube. Bloggers these days intensively record their reactions to the song where we can see that everyone reacts positively, and they say the song is a real banger.

The song’s popularity is also growing on other platforms, so the song on TikTok has become popular. Along with the music and the song, G Herbo has over 620.6 million views on the TikTok platform.

Mr. Herbo has fantastic projects and great successes behind him. The third consecutive studio album G Herbo released in 2020, was at 7 on the Billboard Top 200. For this album of his many said that it is one of the most emotional albums. The song PTSD has over 48 million views, and his third album is named after this song.

In addition to his success on music projects, G Herbo is spreading the word about important social issues such as mental health and humanitarian work. The artist is working on renovating a closed school in Chicago, and this process is being helped by an organization that recognizes his idea and mission.

Click on the link and watch this excellent visual for the song Drill. Write in the comments how you like the song and the collaboration of these two top artists.

Read part of the lyrics below:

‘Member what happened to the last one
Hopped out and smashed ’em, lil’ brodie blast ’em
Oppers see me on the plasma
I know they mad, we used to harass ’em (Huh? Baow, baow, baow)