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Jimbo World – Get Money Get Paid

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Jimbo World drops out a new video for a song Get Money Get Paid

 Jimbo World brought a new vibe and made a great video. The visual for the song Get Money Get Paid was released on July 1, 2022. In just a few days since the visual was published, almost 100,000 people have viewed it. The video is on the official Jimbo World YouTube channel. As the song became a hit in a short time, we expect Jimbo World to achieve great success with this visual.

Bugy727 did the visual, and the whole team and the rapper made a new banger. In this visual, Jimbo World flaunts his money and enjoys the luxury life to the max. Through this visual, you will be transported to a great pool party. In the song Get Money Get Paid video, you will see what a good party looks like, where the rapper is surrounded by his crew and attractive women. The interesting scenes of the aggressive driving of the autobomil are particularly noteworthy. Jimbo World did a great job presenting the song’s lyrics through the visual. In this song, the rapper told his story and showed what his life looks like now, how much money he makes and how he flaunts luxury.

The music is an intense beat followed by light chords in the background. After the first listen to the melody of the Get Money Get Paid chorus, it immediately sticks in your head and is very easy to remember. The rapper’s voice is pleasant, and the rhymes fit his singing style very well.

The song Get Money Get Paid is also slowly becoming a hit on other platforms. On TikTok, the number of new videos with the sound of this song is increasing these days.

In addition to this hit, the artist did several other brutal things. The flow he created with the last songs significantly increased his popularity and brought a new audience. The last few songs have great views on YouTube, where almost every song has been viewed by over half a million people on YouTube. Jimbo World’s latest hit is Talk Shit, which has over 600k views in less than 8 months since its release.

The artist became especially famous with the visual for the song My Grind, which he released 2 years ago, and is also his most listened to song so far.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper promoted his new musical material. Jimbo World released a promotional video and informed their followers that the visual was out, inviting their fans and audience to watch the video. The rapper’s profile shows how he promotes his luxurious life and how much money he earns, similar to what he presented in the last song. If you want to see his Instagram content, follow his profile and all the news.

If you want to hear Jimbo World music and brutally good visuals, visit his official YouTube channel, and enjoy his music. Click on the link below and see the visual for Get Money Get Paid. Write in the comments which part of the song you like the most and which part of the visual is the best for you.