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Gustavo Guaapo – Temperature

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Gustavo Guaapo Drops Temperature

The TopFloor Entertainment team is back with another hit! This time, they collaborated to create “Temperature” by Gustavo Guaapo. This song was produced by Kevin Rolly.

The song has some fantastic beats made by Kevin Rolly, resulting in an unforgettable tune we can’t wait to hear more about soon enough.

This time Gustavo and Kevin decided to go in a different direction for their duet -something much more subtle than what fans have grown accustomed to hearing through social media channels or Spotify playlists over recent months.

The music video is catchy with all the precious things, and the animations are motivating. It’s hard to believe he can rap so melodiously without any breaks in between verses.

The concept is very motivating, and he has rapped melodiously in such beautiful words explaining to not forget about those haters who want negativity instead of love on their terms. If we don’t succeed from them, we should at least know our worth by doing what it takes regardless.

The new track is about all the struggles and the realization of his worth. He disclosed his challenging nature that he gets what he wants and somehow warns as he is dangerous.

He brags about his lavish lifestyle and how he has upgraded and pampered himself with brands and diamonds on his wrist, on his eyes, and in his feet, and he is well aware of all his haters.

A Little Background

Gustavo Guaapo is from Toronto, Canada, with a decent number of raps.

 He has won his fans’ hearts by representing Canada’s underground rap scene and showing off his dynamic versatility with skills that range from melodies shared by himself or spitting real bars.

Gustavo is definitely a talented guy you should know. He has been hiding under all that perfectionism since his usher confidence came out.