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Moula 1st – Should’ve Ducked 4ever ft. Osama, Pvrx & Shesokrazy

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Osama, Pvrx & SheSoKrazy join Moula 1st on a brand new song that dropped on the 1st of May 2021 titles Should’ve Ducked 4Ever. The four rappers joined forces and collaborated on a classic hit that made fans go crazy about it. 

Their energy just goes through the roof, while each one of them spits some dope lyrics. You feel like you can’t catch the spicy lyrics because the switch of the flow takes you on its own ride.

 The beat changes throughout the song, following each of their unique sounds and you get involved in the whole concept very easily.

The video is very hood-like and it does not take away the focus from their energetic and vibrant song. The concept is generally very well thought out and the video fits perfectly into it, so big credits to the director and editor.

Moula 1st is on a roll

Moula 1st has been very consistent with his music for a very long time, and his fans state that he is one of the few Toronto rappers that does not miss.

Pvrx and Moula 1st have been friends and partners for over 10 years, and fans have noticed that they love performing and making art together. Recently they have posted a video performance of a live concert.

If you want to watch the four rappers’ performance check out in the video above:

Leave a comment down below if you think that their energy is contagious.

Quotable lyrics:
“ I ain’t even looking at the scoreboard

But my nigga, we up on the stat sheet

And you niggas ain’t got no direction

How the fuck can you ever come past me?

See him and clear it out and waiting till the coast clear

And I got two grizzlies on me, bitch I lost some close peers”