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Hoodbaby Peppa – LA Made A Vibe

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Hoodbaby Peppa – LA Made A Vibe

Hoodbaby Peppa released a new video, “LA Made a Vibe,” and it’s available on his YouTube channel.

The video is slowly but steadily gaining popularity every day.

Hoodbaby Peppa is one of the youngest Toronto rappers who take his talent seriously.

Since he emerged, Peppa doesn’t stop.

He developed himself into an artist, and he thrives for success.

He released his first full album, “LA Made a Vibe,” in September 2021.

Riding on the hype of his breakthrough, he released a fresh video for the main single from this album.

“LA Made a Vibe” is the first song of his album with the same name, and it represents the rapper’s style in a straightforward way.

The song greatly contributes to the album’s energy, with smooth flow and chill but powerful beats.

It is a powerful introduction to the album, which features various styles and shows off the rapper’s capabilities in every sense.

Although young, Hoodbaby Peppa has a lot to say, and he does it honestly and fiercely.

His voice flows over the deep frisky beats produced by Tony Parker.

The video is directed and edited by RoyReels, and it follows the rapper flexing with his crew and getting a tattoo.

Hoodbaby Peppa has a great team and creative vision behind him, so we are sure he has yet to show what he is capable of.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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Quotable lyrics:

“And I won’t cap wish I went back into the ball life

Seen them bodies, I won’t be the same

Shoulda listened mom told me the game

All these problems drugs they ease the pain.