Hoodbaby Peppa – P.O.M.B


On 9.9.2021, Peppa released some fire visuals for P.O.M.B on his YouTube channel.

“P.O.M.B” stands for “Product of my block”; it is Peppa’s way to express his love and respect for his roots.

HoodBaby Peppa needs no introduction; you have probably run into his music if you are following Toronto’s rap scene.

This track has everything it needs to become the next hood anthem, especially because of the lyrics.

However,  it would be a shame not to mention the flow and the beat because they don’t disappoint either.

The cool visuals were directed and edited by King Bee, who is known to be one of the greatest out there.

His new song “P.O.M.B” is all about life in the hood, and Peppa’s childhood hasn’t been an easy path.

He says, “Even if your hood rich, could end up in a casket,” emphasizing the dangers of living in the hood.

But,  despite all things, he says he is the product of his hood and his block.

The influence of his hood on his music can also be heard in his other songs, “Medication” and “Dead.”

If you are looking for a fun track for your playlist, don’t miss out on HoodBaby Peppa’s new song.

Check out Peppa’s new music video above on this page.

Leave a comment below if you think P.O.M.B is the next big thing.

Quotable lyrics:

“Mom told me don’t ask on no questions, but mom I gotta ask

Even if you hood rich, could end up in a casket

Even if you got your gun, you ain’t gon’ blast it

Even if you came from none, you can make it out to some”