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SleazyWorld Go – Step 1 ft. Offset

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New music video SleazyWorld Go ft. Offset  – Step 1 is out now

With incredible speed, the new song SleazyWorld Go -Step 1 achieved over 170 million views on YouTube. Step 1 song came out this week, and in 4 days, it became an anthem on social networks.

SleazyWorld Go did this song in collaboration with Offset, and their collaboration brought phenomenal reactions to their new song. Every day there is an increasing number of reviews, likes and positive comments that we can read on the Internet.

In this song, SleazyWorld Go explains the steps in business and how they treat all those standing in their way. This personal life story and this text easily found their way to the audience and won all their support.

The video was directed by RC Nelson & Owen Grice, and produced by Boomin Filmz. Such a good combination of top production and talented rappers results in the highest quality song, which is a guaranteed hit this summer. They shot the video at several locations where the rappers are surrounded by their team, and by showing their weapons, they make it clear that no one should stop them. The video followed the story and lyrics of the song very well. The song enters your head quickly and easily, and you will surely remember the refrain after the first listening.

SleazyWorld Go never ceases to delight its audience, just as it has done with previous songs. His song Sleazy Flow ignited the Internet, especially the social network TikTok, where you can find over 66,000 videos created with this hit. The collaboration with old Lil Baby and their remix for the song Sleazy Flow brought success – debuting at no. 47 on the Billboard Hot 100.

We do not expect anything less from the hit Step 1.

The audience was especially happy to see Offset after a long break. According to the media, this rapper took a short break because he enjoyed being with his family, but he returned in full glory, which this song shows us.

Join the TikTok army and make a video with Step 1, which has become a favourite on this social network. In just 4 days, a couple of hundred videos were made.

Listen to this summer hit, which you will surely listen to all summer long. You can watch Step 1 on YouTube and all platforms and leave a comment on how you like this song. The intro for all who read this is to subscribe to the official YouTube channel SleazyWorld Go where they will follow and receive notifications about all new posts.

Enjoy reading Step 1 below:

Step one, you catch an opp, make sure you wet one (Come here)
Step two, never turn right until you left one (Until you left his ass)
Glizzy nicknamed yoga how Glock stretched him (Grrt)
Niggas say they steppers, but couldn’t pass when we test them

We be steppin’ (Steppin’ on shit, nigga)
We be steppin’ (Y’all know the fuck goin’ on)