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Celly Ru – Thangin ft. Heaven Marina

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Celly Ru Drops the Outrageous “Thangin” with Heaven Marina

Celly Ru has just put out their latest single “Thangin”, with an absolutely live feature from Heaven Marina. This song comes with an incredible energy throughout, driven by Celly Ru’s humorous bars and an insanely off-the-wall verse by Heaven Marina. “Thangin” has an exceptional mood throughout that you need to tap into.

Coming from Sacramento, Celly Ru has been in the game for a minute now. Dropping his first track on SoundCloud over eight years ago to a few thousand hits (“Issue Ft Lil Dallas”), the artist has since grown into a powerhouse performer with dope song after dope song releasing and proving that fact. Self professed to having his biggest musical inspiration being his father, he has developed his own incredibly sick style over the course of ten full length albums and dozens of loose singles. “Thangin” comes as his seventh single of 2022, while also finding time to release the EP “P to the East” with E Mozzy. Ludicrous work ethic and undeniable style, this artist continues to prove his prowess in the rap scene.

Heaven Marina is brought in as the feature on this record, delivering a fantastic performance. Beginning to release music on SoundCloud four years ago, she now has 18 singles on streaming services that all have her intense and charismatic energy. Her verse “Thangin” is no different in that way.

Celly Ru Thangin

Celly Ru – Thangin ft. Heaven Marina

Incredible Knock on a Powerhouse Song

L-Finguz brings absolutely stunning production to the record with two real standout features: the high-intensity horns and the super-loud kick. Heaven Marina is the one who opens up the song, immediately bringing her over-the-top personality and sass to her bars” “Round of applause big booty make it clap clap”, “Bounce that ass bitch shake that monkey” and “You’re a ratchet ass bitch get the money and leave” are just some of her ridiculously entertaining lines. Celly Ru’s bars pick right up matching the vibe and humor of Heaven easily. With a laid-back but still fast moving flow, he delivers some of the best lines in a song brimming with quotables like “I ain’t got no time to chase no bitches I got asthma”.

The music video for the song has an equally exciting energy, with direction by 40 bringing the best out of the performers. Taking place in a mansion, Heaven Marina is seen twerking with several other gorgeous women as she delivers her lines. Seeming to play with the camera, she moves with confidence and style. Celly Ru as well brings his cool stylings as he performs surrounded by the dancers, making the viewer feel empowered with each bar. The camera moves and bounces with each hit of the kick, overall creating a great visual for the track.

Check out Celly Ru and Heaven Marina on IG, with promo for their newest songs being posted regularly. “Thangin” is out everywhere on every platform, tune in to this dope song.