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DJ Charlie B & Smiley – Miss You

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DJ Charlie B & Smiley drops out a new video – Miss You 

The fantastic collaboration between Dj Charlie B and Smiley brought a new song and a new video for the new song Miss You. This video quickly ended up on the playlists of the audience and fans. The video was released on June 10, 2022.

The video is on Smiley’s official YouTube channel. In just 3 days, the song already has several thousand views and a lot of friendly support comments.

This single is just one of 16 in a row found on his debut album. This album features big names from the music scene with whom DJ Charlie B collaborated. In addition to Smiley, we can also hear Duvy, NorthSideBenji, Pressa, Roy Woods, Haviah Mighty, and Lil Berete on the album. This album will surely be one of the most listened to this year. DJ Charlie was nominated for the song of the year with song “30,000 ft” at the 2022 Juno Awards. He did this song in collaboration with NorthSideBenji.

The song Miss You is a relaxing song, with calm tones and a soft sound that brings another emotion and message. Dj Charlie B and Smiley shot the video as one short story from the scene of riding around in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, telling their story.

The team that made this video is excellent. Visual video director was David Del Rosario, DJ Charlie B & Ty, video producer DJ Charlie B, and a directory of photography was Nick Welch. Based on the video, we can conclude that the rappers chose the best production because the footage had high-quality content.

Their voices in combination relax, and with this light music, they are the right choice for everyone who wants to listen to something soft and enjoy to pleasant video content. 

Dj Charlie B has a post on his Instagram profile where the rapper informed his fans that a new song has been released and is available for listening to on all platforms worldwide. The rapper is active on this social network and constantly informs his audience about the news from his career, his plans for new songs, or some new performances. His profile includes almost 100,000 of his loyal fans and fans of his music. If you are interested in everything related to DJ Charlie B’s album, we suggest you follow him on his Instagram profile.

Smiley is active on all social networks, and if you want to follow some current events, be sure to follow him on one of the profiles. He makes an exciting video for TikTok where he has fun, shares moments from his private life, and shares it all with the audience. His videos have over 100,000 views on TikTok.

Be sure to watch the video for the new song by DJ Charlie B and Smile – “Miss You”, and enjoy this incredible collaboration between these two artists. Write them comments on how you like the video and their partnership.