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AR Paisley – Wayne Gretzky (Video)

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Ontario based hip-hop rapper AR Paisley brings about the new rap showstopper!

The 2:03 minute long video featuring AR Paisley’s new rap sensation Wayne Gretzky was a concert of outstanding musical lyrics, the perfect beat and came along with a great punch to it. With just the right energy level that crosses the threshold required by a rap song, smooth video effects that captivate the viewer and backgrounds that harmonize to the tone of the song, the rap sensation is all set to pave the path to AR Paisley’s imminent success.

The video was released recently on 26 March, 2021, however, it has risen to fame in no time and boasts of 100 thousand views already! Its success can be owed to its catchy rap, glamorous videography and to the fact that it possesses all the qualities that increase a rap’s likeability factor. It includes its capability to sway crowds at its rhythm on the dance floor and its potential to retain itself in people’s memories.

With over-the-top praises by fans and rap lovers, the Single is already making a name for AR Paisley among the wide number of rappers. The respected battle rapper also possesses a number of concept albums and a wide array of well-executed singles that has helped build a substantial fan base for the singer. His humble attitude also helps with his reputation while his hip hop mixes that sound like they could have been from both the 2000s and 2010 definitely add an extra flare to his fame.

Paisley’s prominence is also based on his ability to balance classic with versatility, which is what differs him from other artists in the Toronto music industry and what’s earning him respect from hip hop fans, thus, he lets his meaningful music impact the crowd on its own.