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JojoStayFlexingg – Lit Like A Bic

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JojoStayFlexingg Gets “Lit Like A Bic”

Florida seems to be the spot right now for fire new talent. JojoStayFlexingg proving just that with his latest single “Lit Like A Bic”. Another pumping club hitter from this Boynton Beach artist, “Lit Like A Bic” is an explosion of raw sound with its massive kick and incredibly catchy refrain. Stream this track ASAP, as it deserves more attention.

JojoStayFlexing is a pretty fresh artist when it comes to his releases, his oldest song only about a year old. Nonetheless this rapper is proving himself to be a talent on the rise, creating several smashing tracks that all seem to go off in their own way. His 2021 debut track “whats da jwett” with wizdawizard began to stir the pot of the Florida scene, prompting two follow up tracks that year: “OPPS IN THE PARTY” and “jojostayflexingg fa me”. Clearly getting a taste for the hip-hop game, 2022 saw the release of two more tracks titled “I Just” and “Pwess”, both continuing to evolve and elevate on Jojo’s style.

This latest song clocks in at just under two minutes, but for every second you will find yourself deep in the pocket of this groovy record. Driven by the sheer charisma of JojoStayFlexingg, this one is definitely a go-to for the car stereo.

JojoStayFlexingg Lit Like A Bic

JojoStayFlexingg – Lit Like A Bic

Really in that Mode

This record is driven by three hard kick hits that become hypnotic everytime the beat comes around, with a deep and squishy bass matching them in an incredibly tight groove. JojoStayFlexing delivers a minimal amount of bars in this track, “Lit Like a Bic” being almost the only phrase spoken throughout the tune. Therein lies the magic of this one though, as it becomes incredibly catchy by the end of the song. The short length was also a keen choice by the artist, prompting an immediate replay as soon as the song is over. Not to take away from the verse JojoStayFlexing delivers, as it drips with the swag that only a Florida native can bring to the table. Dope bars all around.

ANDY.VSN created the video for this song, who’s high energy is matched easily by this visual accompaniment. Beginning with motorcycles doing burnouts and SUV’s spinning donuts in a parking lot, JojoStayFlexingg performs on a red convertible surrounded by dancers. The transitions are fast and punchy, coming with almost every bar and keeping up with the thunderous energy of this exceptional track. The video closes out with two women twerking and a fade to black. On a whole, it is a lighthearted visual and captures the party atmosphere JojoStayFlexingg has created quite well.

Tune in to JojoStayFlexingg’s Instagram as he is very active on the platform. His stories feature candid performance footage and his posts are full of giant stacks of money along with other hallmarks of the hip-hop lifestyle. “Lit Like a Bic” is out right now, we definitely recommend getting lit right along with it.