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Slim Dinero – Around

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Slim Dinero Arrives with the Visuals for “Around”

Slim Dinero has just released the music video for his latest song “Around”. Another cool hip-hop track from the Ajax rapper, Slim Dinero continues to take his melodic rap style to new heights with each record. Tap into this newest effort from Slim and see exactly why he keeps the grass cut low.

Born and raised just outside of Toronto in Ajax, Slim Dinero has been steadily putting out hitters for about six years now. Beginning with songs on SoundCloud, tracks like “Did It Again” and “Amig” saw the artist establishing his melodic swagger over hard trap beats. Each of these songs has hundreds of thousands of listens on the site, letting the artist see great success early on. He has let loose with several full length LPs too, releasing them at a rate of almost 2 per year. His first were 2018’s “No Holdbacks” and “Self Expressions”. Both of them hold it down with cohesive production and creative flows throughout. “Here to Stay”, “Interstellar”, and “Separate Myself” all continued to build on the foundations the rapper had set.

Perhaps his best album so far is 2021’s “Pyromaniac”. Dedicated to his recently deceased younger brother, Pyro, the album sees Slim exploring a more emotional side than he had displayed in the past. Beautiful songs like “Letter To Pyro” and “Familia” show just how much depth Slim has. Though of course, he can also bring out the bangers as seen with this latest track “Around”

Slim Dinero Around

Slim Dinero – Around

His Time Coming Up

Slim Dinero’s beat selection remains in full form on this track, with the instrumental holding a melodic guitar line that feels melancholic and moody. Contrasted with the heavy and forward-driven percs, a cool vibe is created for Slim to spit on. The hook “keep the grass cut low cuz all these snakes around” is an undeniably catchy moment in the track, setting the thematic tone for the rest of the verses. “Might bust some jokes but ain’t got too much time to play around” spits the rapper, speaking about his grind and role as a leader among his people. The record is a dope spin, definitely a strong showing from Slim on this one.

Visuals are by SIP Entertainment, who has captured the tone of the track very well in the video. Opening shots of a literal massive snake in the grass is a bit humorous at first, but as Slim takes the reptile on his shoulders the weight of the emotion he raps about is felt. Slim is seen rapping in a lightning storm under an umbrella, as well as in the field with the snake still around his neck. The effects in the video are subtle but effective, overall it is an entertaining watch and great compliment to the song.

Slim Dinero can be locked into on Instagram, where you can see pictures of his lifestyle and keep informed on the latest efforts from this talented rapper. “Around” is available on all platforms right now, be sure to check out this awesome artist.