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Ethio Kid x Geefaizel x Elo – Prada Me

Ethio Kid, Geefaizel and Elo have dropped a video “Prada me” on 27. 11. 2021. and it’s available on 6ixBuzz Premieres YouTube channel.

Ethio Kid is a Montreal rapper whose first official release, “Loyalty”, showed up in 2021.

This is the first time he cooperates with Geefaizel and Elo, and it turned out great!

Both Geefaizel and Elo are upcoming young rappers who finally got a chance to show what they have up in their sleeves.

The video got over 30.000 views in less than two weeks and made an impressive breakthrough for the young crew.

The song starts with a slow piano which slowly develops into the main verse with bass and percussions in the background.

The musicians are experimenting with different styles, creating a song with a chill flow and rhythm that makes you move.

You can hear a playful rap flow with a strong ethnic accent which makes the guys so unique.

The video follows a large group of young guys hanging out on the streets and showing off their game playfully.

You can see smiles on their faces and a self-confident posture, delivering the energy of young guys dedicated to pursuing their dreams.

Although young, the trio shows a big talent and dedication for the music and for the visual appearance.

We think they started terrifically, and they are yet to show their creative development with new releases.

Let us know what you think about the video in the comments.

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Ethio Kid:



Quotable lyrics:

“I’ll make this mine

I can never stop climbing

We will never fall.”