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Tec releases a new visual for the song Blood Money!

Tec recently delighted his audience when he released a new project. The premiere of the new visual for the song Blood Money was on July 5, 2022, and in less than a month, the video was viewed by over 240 thousand people. The visual is on Tec’s official YouTube channel. After the release of the visual for the song Blood Money, the audience was delighted with the visual presentation.

If you like to watch a light story, this visual is for you. Tec teamed up with the best team and made a lovely official video. The rapper filmed scenes in several locations, but the audience enjoyed the car driving scenes. While other rappers show off their modern luxury cars, Tec drives an oldtimer in his video. Throughout the video, the focus is on the rapper so that no other characters appear. You will enjoy a lot of good details that you can notice, such as jewellery and outfit, but also outstanding graphic elements that make this visual even better.

Light notes and lots of relaxing melodies will make you enjoy this song on the first listen. Tec’s voice sounds excellent, singing high and deep notes. The music and rhythm perfectly matched the lyrics of the song and the artist brought a lot of beautiful energy.

Last year was very important for this young artist. A year ago, the media reported that Tec had an accident, showed a photo of the crashed vehicle, and wrote a statement from the young rapper that he is very grateful to have survived this traffic accident.

This inspired and motivated this young artist to create and work, and thus his big project was born in June 2022. Tec’s latest album premiered on June 28 when the rapper released all the audio versions of the songs on his official channel. There are 11 songs on this project. Also, on this album, Tec achieved fantastic collaborations with other artists such as Raybanz and Huncho Yolo.

Blood Money by TEC is the first song from this album that received its visual presentation. The audience had the opportunity to hear the song when it was released in June, but the song achieved a much higher number of views with this lavish visual.

Tec has been working hard on his music, so he decided not to stop at the album and released another song Spider Bang.

Tec is very active and popular on Instagram. On this platform, he is followed by almost 800 thousand followers, with whom the rapper regularly shares exciting content and his music. Follow his Instagram if you want to be up to date with the many current events that this artist publishes.

If you haven’t seen the new visual for the song Blood Money, click on the link below. Please write in the comments how you like the visual and what is your favourite song from the new album. If you subscribe to the official YouTube channel of this young artist, you will be able to see which next song from the album will get its own visual.