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BlaccZacc – Life of A Trapper

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BlaccZacc releases a new official video for the song Life of A Trapper

BlaccZacc released his new visual that blew his fans away a few days ago. The official video premiere for the song Life of A Trapper was on August 5, 2022. The song was viewed by almost 190 thousand people in less than 15 days, leaving many positive comments on the video. The visual is on BlaccZacc’s official YouTube channel. If judging by the audience’s reactions, this song will be BlaccZacc’s big hit.

BlaccZacc has created a lot of luxurious material for this visual, which appeals to his audience. Through his vision, the rapper showed what his day looks like, from waking up to all the routines and obligations he has during the day. In this video, we can see that the rapper earns a lot of money and can afford many new luxury items.

The music is a heavy and brutal sound that perfectly fits the theme and lyrics of the song. The simple chords we hear at the beginning are repeated like the melody. BlaccZacc has a group voice that matches well with the song’s rhyme and lyrics and the music in his style.

Since he released his last album, the rapper’s popularity has increased. On the Spotify platform, the rapper’s music is listened to by over 220 thousand monthly listeners. The most played song on this platform is Tuesday, which has almost 5 million streams. The song Bang has a slightly smaller number of streams. The rapper did both songs in collaboration with the artist Da Baby.

In the past year, the artist worked a lot on his projects and released many new songs and visual content, and as his audience says, he did not disappoint his fans. A year ago, in August 2021, the rapper released his big album. On this album, there are as many as 9 great songs and several great collaborations with other artists. His latest album, Walk Down Gang, has received a lot of views on his YouTube channel.

The songs that stand out from this album are First Of All and Let’s Get It. The song Let’s Get It was done by the rapper in collaboration with Fatt Loc.

In the last few months, the rapper released many great songs, some of which became very popular. The song I-77, which he published 2 months ago, already has over 363 thousand views. The song Bloody Bluff, which appeared on his channel a month ago, currently has a slightly lower number of views.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper recently announced that his big project is coming out soon, just like this song Life Of A Trapper. The rapper wrote that this project, which will contain as many as 17 songs, is significant to him because he has not released an album for a year, and it is his project as an independent artist. The artist received much support from his colleagues and audience, who can’t wait to hear his entire album.

Guess the visual for the song Life Of Trapper, and tell us in the comments how you like the new song.