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NorthsideBenji X Unknown T – One In The Chamber

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NorthsideBenji and Unknown T Have One in the Chambers

NorthsideBenji and Unknown T aren’t bluffing in their new single, One In The Chamber, when they say, “if there’s one in the chamber, oh you know that we hitting him.” GRM Daily released One In The Chambers on their YouTube channel today, October 6th, 2022. The single features the Canadian artist NorthsideBenji and UK artist Unknown T. NorthsideBenji began his rapping career in 2016, releasing numerous freestyles and songs, which gained a lot of attraction, allowing him to build a digital following of 33,000. Unknown T is best known for his debut single, “Homerton B,” reaching the number 48 spot on the UK Singles Chart in October 2018. Both artists come overseas with their successfully established music backgrounds to create this hot single.

Toronto Meets the UK 

The music video setting is London, United Kingdom, where Unknown T resides. We also see a quick clip of a second setting in Toronto, Canada, where NorthsideBenji lives. When Orazio shows both these settings, it gives a similar feel to Praise the Lord by ASAP Rocky, featuring Skepta. However, the remainder of the video is in London, with both artists present. Orazio shoots the music video with a trap-retro aesthetic, which complements the song making it a complete vibe to listen to and watch.

NorthsideBenji and Unknown T don’t hold back in their verses. They take turns as NorthsideBenji delivers singing verses and Unknown T contributes with rap verses. The switching between music styles and the rapid back and forth adds hype to the song in a tasteful and enjoyable manner. Overall, enticing listeners to continuously replay One In The Chambers because one listen is not enough.

NorthsideBenji One In The Chamber

NorthsideBenji – One In The Chamber

NorthsideBenji says, “ain’t no one harder than me in my city, boy, I tell ya, so I’m overseas tryna find someone who fuck with me.” NorthsideBenji is a well-known Toronto artist, and XXL listed him as one of 15 Toronto rappers you should know. As popular as he is, he commonly works with UK artists like Charlie Sloth and Nines, demonstrating his close professional relations with artists overseas.  

Unknown T says, “that opp try back up; I still got reach, he’s a neek he dunno bout streets yo I’m in dxb, I can’t smoke, no trees My name too hot I can feel the degrees.” This line implies that the UK rapper is familiar with the street life, unlike his enemies, making him well known, which is ironic considering his name is Unknown T. 

All About the Hustle

All in all, One In The Chambers talks about how NorthsideBenji and Unknown T will go to great lengths to secure the bag. Both of these artists are serious about making money and have strong work ethics when it comes to their hustle; that’s why they don’t like to be taken lightly because if they are, then it’s going to be a problem. Their ambitions are evident when the Canadian rapper says, “and if he a problem we gonna put a cost on him,” implying that they won’t hesitate to put out a hit. Thus, the underlying message behind One In The Chambers intends to highlight that both these artists highly value their hustle, making them unstoppable. 

Listen to One In The Chambers now by clicking the YouTube video linked above. Also, give, NorthsideBenji and Unknown T a follow on Instagram.