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Who Is Knine K ?

Nickname: Knine K – Knine King

Place of birth: Scarborough


Knine K grew up in Scarborough, where his first love, fitness, was born. After years of working with youth in various youth programs across the GTA, Knine K gradually developed his love for music. Through teaching young people about physical education, Knine K became a great role model and motivation for young people. This young artist states that his message to young people is to be as positive as possible, learn as much as possible, and always look after themselves.

As Knine K became known across Canada for his love and success through youth physical education, he later combined music with fitness and created a great combination. Today, the rapper’s music is heavily represented in fitness programs. With his great efforts, he wants to change bad habits and be an excellent example to young people on how to change the bad influence and bad habits of the environment in which they are.

Knine K’s love for music was born in childhood. Since his second grade, this talented artist has been a student of various creative music programs and competitions at school. Because of his talent, he was often invited to rap and participate in school shows. 2014 Knine K received a basketball scholarship and took a break of 4 years to devote himself to sports. Since 2018, this talented artist has been actively and productively engaged in music.

Knine K

Knine K

Today, Knine K lives and works in Toronto, where he creates his new projects that are gaining popularity across Canada. In the rapper’s music, we can see that the artist combines contemporary and hip hop music, which brings good vibes, inspires and raises energy. This young artist uses all the possibilities of this art and its universality to connect everything he can. The best example is his fusion of music and fitness.

In 2019, Knine K released the song Aurelia, which ultimately launched him into the public eye, where his popularity began to skyrocket. Through this project, the rapper managed to integrate his music into many fitness projects, collaborating with influential and successful people. In this way, his music became integrated into sports, and his popularity spread in this way.

In 2020, there was a continuation of this great project called Aurelia 2, with which the rapper achieved even more excellent results and increased popularity not only on YouTube and Instagram but also on all other platforms.

The rapper’s song Kill Bill premiered on November 3, 2020, and since it was published on his official YouTube channel, it has over 11 thousand views. This fantastic visual mixes urban and quality sound and an excellent visual presentation. Black and white shots are interrupted by colour scenes that give unique energy to this visual. The rapper enjoys the slow tempo and exciting melody in the background, throwing out his rhymes.

After his Instagram profile was hacked, the young artist created a new profile that exceeded the number of 31 thousand followers, so today, his new profile has over 51.4 thousand followers. In his profile, we can see that there is also a Knine K fan page which also has a vast number of followers.