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Smiley – Made It

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Smiley – Made It

On 8. 12. 2021. Smiley released a video for his song “Made it,” and it’s available on his YouTube channel.

Smiley is a rising star of the Toronto rap scene, and he is climbing the ladder very fast, thanks to his unique vocal talent.

The rapper signed for OVO Sound last summer, and since then, he proved what he’s worth with every new song.

“Made it” is the fourteenth song from his “Buy or Bye 2” album, released in November 2021. 

The video reached over 15.000 views in less than a week, and Smiley’s popularity is growing at lightspeed.

The song is bouncy and melodic, with samples of classical instruments and a deep beat slowly hitting in the background.

Rapper’s soft and unique voice slithers through the song, bringing the chill vibes.

The atmosphere is quite positive and sparkles with the rapper’s confidence.

In the video, Smiley is cruising around the desert, enjoying the sun and the company of beautiful girls.

The scenery is bright, adding to the overwhelming impression of how great the rapper’s life is.

Judging from his confidence and positive energy, he definitely “made it.”

It is sure that Smiley just started and that we are yet to see all his potential while he strives for success.

We are eager to hear his future creative material.

Meanwhile, check out the video and express your opinion in the comment section.

If you want to keep in touch with Smiley and his work, follow him on Instagram: @thareal_smiley

Quotable lyrics:

“I can’t lie, I just love when we kick it

That’s my life, not my bro, that’s my pimpin’

Bitch, I might got the fly, I’m not missin’

If you front on the gang, you go missin’

Got missiles, I know they gon’ miss you.”