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Pvrx – Hope You Understand

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Pvrx’s New Single Hope You Understand

Pvrx released his new single, Hope You Understand, along with a visual, on August 12. Pvrx is praised for his ability to switch between rapping and singing, and Hope You Understand excellently captures his singing abilities. The production did a terrific job with the mellow beats during the hooks and hard drops in the verse. Overall, Pvrx’s single is a worthy listen. 


Right from the jump, Pvrx clarifies his expectations from his circle in the hook, as he shares that he values characteristics like loyalty, honesty, and genuineness. When we reach the verse, Pvrx briefly shares an anecdote when he says, “They use to raid us early mornin’, freeze, now we rockin shows, and everybody got they hands up,” representing his upbringing in Rexdale government housing projects in Ontario, Canada. This is further recognized when Pvrx expresses his melancholy for his upbringing when he says, “pray for me when I’m in these streets when I’m in need, but if I dont make it home, I’ll still live on.” These bars refer to Pvrx growing up surrounded by gang violence, implying that youths are living a fearful life because every day is unpredictable. After the verse, Pvrx goes back into the hook, restating the attributes he values from his boys and partner, hoping they would understand.

Pvrx Hope You Understand

Pvrx – Hope You Understand

Video Production

Along with the insightful lyrics, the music videos went hand in hand to capture the story Pvrx was telling. The video was produced by Sammy Passion, Jordan Toddish, and Pvrx himself, while both Jordan Toddish and Pvrx also directed and edited the video. Jordan Toddish and Pvrx did a great job capturing Pvrx’s tight nite circle, from the poolside gathering to the driving with his girl scenes.

During the scenes where Pvrx is in the backyard by the pool, we see his family, friends, and children surrounding him. At the same time, Pvrx is cooking up some BBQ, symbolizing that he is literally and figuratively feeding his family. In the driving scenes, we see him driving a top drop whip with his girl, capturing both a luxurious and intimate setting, signifying that he’s sharing his success with his loved one. By the end of the music video, we see Pvrx arriving at a drive-in theatre with his girl, representing intimacy because a drive-in is more personal than a regular movie theatre.

Pvrx’s single Hope You Understand is more than just a bop. It’s a song that anyone can vibe with on a personal level, a song worth listening to on your drive home after a long day or if you’re in the feels late at night. But honestly, no matter the time or how you feel, Hope You Understand is a song worth not being skipped in your playlist. 

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