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King Hendrick$ – Earth Was Flat

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King Hendrick$ released a new video for the song Earth Was Flat

King Hendrick$ released a new project just 3 days ago. The song in question is Earth Was Flat. The visual for the song is on King Hendrick$’s official YouTube channel. Several thousand people viewed the visual, and many friendly comments were made. We expect this song to get even more attention from the audience because it is a good music project.

Cash Jundi directed the video. King Hendrick$ shows luxury and swagger as he drops rhymes hard on the beat. Scenes from the parking lot where the rapper is surrounded by expensive cars alternate with the story from the luxury apartment.

In this song, the artist presented himself and how he lives now, in the abundance of everything. His life story with great lyrics won over the audience, so King Hendrick$ received positive daily comments on the song’s lyrics, which perfectly accompanied the visual.

The simplicity of the melody and the light rhythm make this song enticing to listen to. King Hendrick$’s voice is melodious, and his freestyle rapping matches the piano chords. At times, the music reminds us of film music.

King Hendrick$ introduced himself to the audience a long time ago when he released the song Tornado Winds unfinished 9 years ago. His career is on the way to success, and deservedly his songs are doing well with the audience. King Hendrick$ has been hard at work in recent months, releasing some brutal tracks. Namely, a few months ago, he published a visual for the song MR Him, which received over 14 thousand views. A month before the release of this video, the rapper released the visual for the song Leaving The Lot, which has almost 30 thousand views.

The song Eart Was Flat polka is gaining popularity and goes towards the success of his latest videos released by the rapper.

Before the song was officially released, King Hendrick$ posted on his Instagram profile photos taken during the recording of the visual. He posted the promotional video the day the song was on his channel and invited his followers to listen to the new visual. If you are interested in more interesting content that the artist shares with his followers, follow his Instagram profile, which has almost 10 thousand followers.

Watch the visual for the song Eart Was Flat – the link is below. Let us know how you like this swaggering deluxe edition of the rapper’s new track in the comments. If you want to follow his new music projects, of which there are more and more, then subscribe to his official YouTube channel, and stay up to date with all the news.

Read part of the lyrics of Eart Was Flat below:

I drive a supercar being motorsports

You ever go against mile we going overboard

I try better than I rap and they know me for it

She say her cell died she took a polaroid