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Smiley – In My Zone

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Smiley drops a music video for a catchy new song “ In my Zone”

On 30.4.2021. Smiley released a cool video for “ In my Zone” on his youtube channel.

The video features him and multiple girls in a fast-food restaurant and then working out.

By his “zone” he refers to his mindset to progress as an artist in the music industry.

Smiley’s energy makes him stick out in every song because he gives you such as chill and relaxed vibe. In “In my Zone” he matched the flow perfectly, giving an overall impression of an easy-going rapper who does not worry about anything.

Smiley says he is most proud of the beat of this song, he says that it is his next big hit.

The new song comes qucikly after a collaboration on “Spinladen”. 

Smiley is Drake-approved

The both hated and adored Toronto rapper has been more noticed by the public eye when back in 2018, posted an Instagram post using Smiley’s lyrics from “ Free Baby”.

Since then Smiley has been supported heavily by the OVO team, and is one of Drake’s favorite Toronto rappers. Drake even says he was inspired by Smiley’s unique flow, and that is a really big thing.

His unique melody and soothing tones make him interesting for today’s public. He also adds some witty lyrics and a dope video to acompany all that.

There is no talk of a new album, but Smiley is here and he plans to stay.

Enjoy his new song and music video in the link below:

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Quotable lyrics:

“ She wanna be known 

I wanna be in my zone,

I’m making a strap for my son,

I feel like he is going on one,

I am having a hell of a month,

I am collecting cheques in a month”