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Leffriss – 2Nite

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On 18.10. 2021 Leffriss dropped his first music video for the song “ 2Nite” on White Lines YouTube channel.

Leffriss has decided to end 2021 by releasing some dope visuals and even better bars.

Leffriss wears different masks in the video, and we can see him throwing bars at different locations.

The beat is crazy, and Leffriss runs the flow perfectly like he has been in the game for over a decade.

A solid 10/10 goes for the rhythm and the bars; Leffriss just knows how to make a catchy song that will make you listen to it for days.

One of the best bars in the song is: “ I see the pheasant head. I make a right, keep moving left, I told him a hundred times they move it down red light green light.”

With fast bars and an interesting beat, Leffriss has everything he needs to start his career, and we hope he won’t stop here.

Before this song, he did a freestyle with Marsino last year, but this is his biggest project to date.

You won’t regret it if you put “ 2Nite” on your playlist; it has a vibe that is long needed.

If you want to hear something more from Leffriss, try searching “ Moncler Talk” on all digital platforms.

To keep up with his work, follow the Toronto rapper on his IG profile:

Check out the music video for “ 2Nite” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ I told him a hundred times he moving

death smoking gelato, i’m losing my breath,

grab a tummy ass bunny my chest, DJ Khaled

yeah, my work is the best; I need everything

I got a lesson.”