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Unknown T – Who said drill’s dead?

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Unknown T drops out visual – Who said drill’s dead?

Unknown T set the internet on fire when he released his new visual for Who Said drill’s dead?

The song and his freestyle broke all expectations, and almost 2 million people viewed the visual in just a few days. The video is on Unknown T’s official YouTube channel.

Before the start of the video, the rapper made a short disclaimer. He emphasized that the events and people in this video are fiction and that any resemblance to a living or dead person or event is coincidental.

Visual is a two-part project. The first part starts with an interesting conversation with Dir. Lx, where Unknown T is the interlocutor who fires the drill. A light introduction of piano and violin with a mysterious melody slowly prepares their conversation in the cafe.

 When the conversation is over, he continues his freestyle drill in a dark corridor of the building with his dangerous team. The music sounds like a brutally good tune from some dramatic movie scenes. With the melody and his strong drilling in the rhythm, he creates an intense, strong story that leaves no one indifferent.

The rapper’s story about drill and freestyle answered the question he asked in the song: the drill is not dead. On the contrary, the drill is stronger if the audience can judge by this song. With this song, he breaks all boundaries and leaves a strong impression on the audience, who positively commented on the video.

This year Unknown T released another banger – Often. The song that quickly became one of the most listened to is Often, which has almost a million people watched.

Last year was marked by his big project, the visual for the song Wonderland. This song is signed by Unknown T with rapper M Huncho. This song resonated on the Internet with as many as 3 million views and a handful of great comments.

We expect Who Said Drill’s Dead to be as successful as previous music projects.

On his Instagram profile, Unknown T published promo photos from the video set and announced the song’s release on June 12, 2022. When the song was released, the rapper posted a video and invited all fans to watch the video. What delighted the rapper was the support he received from his audience and fans, and his colleagues from the music scene, such as NorthSideBenji.

If you are interested in whether there will be many other interesting music projects like the song Who Said Drill’s Dead, then follow Unknown T’s Instagram profile which has over half a million followers.

Watch the song’s video and write what you think in the comments. Is drill dead? Subscribe to Unknown T’s official YouTube channel and follow more amazing projects from this talented rapper.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Bust and spin, we make the Tridents come
We’re live, more time, it’s a 9-8 ting
I rap, but I still might providе that gun
Shotgun, two cases, two operations done, listеn