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Lil Moe 6Blocka – Pop Out

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Lil Moe 6Blocka drops out a new official video for the song “Pop Out” 

6Block’s Lil Moe delighted his audience when he dropped a new video a few days ago. The official video premiere for the song Pop Out was on August 9, 2022. In just a few days, the video approached the number of 100,000 views. The audience is delighted with the rapper’s new project, and we can see many lovely comments below the video. The visual is on Lil Moe 6Block’s official YouTube channel.

 The rapper made the visual together with Billykauck production, which is in charge of this high-quality visual. Lil Moe 6Block’s got together with his men and rapped over his strong beat. In the visual, we can see many weapons used only to film the video, but not as a promotion for illegal things. With his team, the rapper says that he is solid and powerful. The location where they shot the visual is simple to bring the music and lyrics to the fore.

In addition to the exciting visual, we can enjoy Lil Moe 6Blocka’s drill, which is incredibly good. The rapper fired off his rhymes with great speed and ease. Music and chords in a fast tempo accompany the text of the song and contribute to a better understanding of the text.

This young rapper has a lot of great songs behind him, and we expect Pop Out to be a big hit. 6Block’s Lil Moe can boast of great success on Spotify too, where his great songs are listened to by over 82,000 listeners per month.

The previous year was very successful for this young artist. In July 2021, the rapper released his interesting project called Scrappers. This album features 6 brutal tracks done by Lil Moe of 6Block in collaboration with Rooga. Their best song that stands out from this album is 4GE, with the highest number of views.

After this project, the rapper took a short break and strongly returned to the scene with new songs and ideas. Seven months ago, the rapper released a visual for the song Black, which has over 152,000 views. He also achieved great success with the song he released 2 months ago, D.O.A.

The rapper is active on his Instagram profile, where over 108 thousand people follow him. In addition to his private photos and videos, we can see a lot of promotion of his music and current and new projects. Before the song was officially on his channel, the rapper posted a photo from the video shoot on his profile and announced the arrival of his new song next week. If you want to follow all the news related to his music, follow his Instagram profile.

Click on the link and watch the new visual for the song Pop Out. Please tell us how you like the new song and video in the comments. If you want to hear more of Lil Moe 6Block’s music, you can find it on his official YouTube channel, which has almost 60k subscribers.