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Quin NFN – We Got

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Quin NFN’s ‘We Got’: Unleashing Raw Energy and Groovy Beats

Quin NFN, a promising hip-hop star from Austin, introduces listeners to his electrifying track, “We Got.” With raw energy and a bold artistic approach, Quin NFN leaves an indelible mark with this captivating release.

The video has already garnered an astounding 400k+ views on YouTube and thousands of plays on Spotify. The track is released as part of the “Never on Time” album.

Quin NFN We Got

Quin NFN in ‘We Got’

A Rising Force in Hip-Hop with ‘Never on Time’

Of the 17 songs in the album, “We Got” is a powerful testament to Quin NFN’s artistry, capturing his unique essence and commanding presence. The track immediately grabs attention with its infectious beats and dynamic production, weaving a pulsating ambiance that perfectly complements Quin NFN’s magnetic vocals.

“We Got” is all about the flexing lifestyle and achievements of Quin, which serves as a motivation for hustling hard. This is something that his ardent fans can relate to. With a remarkable blend of catchy melodies and rapid-fire delivery, Quin NFN’s versatility shines through in “We Got.” His signature flow and distinctive style inject excitement and energy into every line, ensuring that the track leaves a lasting impact on its audience.

The song barely crosses the two-minute mark but is full of energy, and the much-anticipated official video was finally released in April. His fans are raving about the rap, the flow, and the video’s production quality. Some comments on the YouTube video read, “Bro Quin got it down packed with the punchlines” and “Never disappoints.”

Fresh out of performing at the SXSW, Quin captivated the audience with his new album release. The seventeen-track album “Never On Time” is filled with other vibe-worthy tracks like “We Got.”. 

Some of the other fan-favorites among the “Never on Time” album are “Revenue,” “Glizzy,” “Just Getting By,” and “Keep it Coming.”

Looking ahead, Quin NFN’s artistic journey holds immense promise. His authenticity, magnetic stage presence, and relentless dedication to his craft set the stage for a future filled with innovation and success. With each new release, he continues to captivate audiences, expanding his fan base and solidifying his position as an artist to watch.

In a world where artists strive for attention, Quin NFN stands out by embracing his path and staying true to his vision. His raw energy, bold artistry, and unwavering determination are the ingredients that make “We Got” a standout track in his discography.

Quin NFN’s journey has only just begun, and with his relentless drive and undeniable talent, he is poised to make an even more significant impact in the music industry. As he continues to break barriers and explore new artistic territories, the world eagerly anticipates what’s next for this rising star.

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