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Lyrical Linkz Drops Brand New Song “Recognize”

Queen’s rapper Lyrical Linkz has put out his most recent single “Recognize”. The New York artist comes at us with fast flows over an old school East coast beat. This new song is guaranteed to bump, every moment that you do not listen to it is a disservice to yourself!

Lyrical Linkz is no stranger to the rap game, with songs on his SoundCloud going back almost 10 years! This artist has fantastic rhymes and wordplay that keep his fans coming back for more. 2022 was a big year for Linkz as well, with the release of his second full length LP “The Missing Link”. The album is back to back New York bangers, so following it up with another excellent track like “Recognize” should come as no surprise to his fans. The rapper also put out another excellent full length in 2020 “I Should’ve Been On, with many singles releasing in between the two records.

With bars on top of bars on this latest song, Lyrical Linkz proves that rap is alive and well in Queens. Coupled with the extremely stylish music video, this song is one you should add to your playlist ASAP. 

Lyrical Links Recognize

Lyrical Links – Recognize

Straight Out of Queens with Attitude

“Recognize”, produced by Borro Dollaz Beats, has a classic New York Boom-Bap sound. The uptempo piano is held down by the sturdy kick and snare that gets your head knocking as soon as the track begins. Linkz comes in with lots of attitude and big talk that he immediately backs up with ultra-clean bars and flows. There is no hook in this song, only non stop killer lines from the Queens rapper. Excellent bars include “Y’all want no pressure/ this shit a circus now all I’m seeing is clowns and court jesters”. Confidence exudes the rapper with each verse, his discography up to this point showing a man who has bars to spare.

A microphone set up in front of an apartment complex is where the entirety of the music video takes place. Directed by Staxx Paysos, the simplicity of the visual element to this song helps enhance its overall impact. The camera pans all around Lyrical Linkz as he flows effortlessly, with the sun slowly going down behind the trees and giving the video a distinct amber glow. Linkz is completely animated throughout the whole thing, enacting what he has written and spitting directly into the camera. Clearly an excellent showman as well as MC, this video showcases this talent marvelously. 

Check out Lyrical Linkz on Instagram to see the artist’s motivational posts and behind-the-scenes footage from his music video. Lyrical Linkz is definitely one to watch in the future, so check out this latest song.