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Kai Bandz – Ish Me

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Kai Bandz Releases New Song “Ish Me”

Fairfield’s own Kai Bandz has just released their latest song “Ish Me”, leading off the promotion of their upcoming album “My Life a Movie, Vol.3” coming October 21st. The track is an electric trap banger, and if it reflects the quality of the rest of the LP then we’re in for a really special collection of music.

Kai Bandz has been making songs for some time now, with his first track “Turnin Up” releasing as a SoundCloud exclusive over six years ago. Since those initial tracks on the site, Kai hasn’t let his fans go without music for very long at a time. In 2022 alone the artist has released seven singles and a full length album. So too has the young artist been prolific as a feature, appearing on tracks for other rappers such as Mally Bo, DB.Boutabag, Shawn Eff and dozens of others. Clearly from Kai’s work ethic you can tell they’re shooting to be one of the best in the scene.

His own tracks too have seen great success, with many reaching well over a million plays on Spotify. Kai’s biggest single “Switch it Up” has almost hit 3 million plays, but others that have crossed the one million mark include “Big Boss Status”, “WTF”, and “I Ain’t Stressin”. In addition to the songs themselves, Kai’s YouTube channel is overflowing with music videos for his many singles. Over forty music videos reside there, collectively racking up over ten million views. A force to be reckoned with, this latest song is no different in its high level of quality and dope vibe.

Kai Bandz Ish Me

Kai Bandz – Ish Me

Spicy Punchlines and Raw Bars

The sharp, high frequency sample this track begins with lets you know right away that you’re about to be hit with some heat. As Kai enters the song, we are assaulted with punchline after punchline that will leave you dizzy (he may just put you under “like an adlib”). His sense of humor is non-stop with unforgettable lines like “Imma make the bitch fork it over/Imma pea”, with almost every line accompanied by Kai literally scoffing as an adlib (“Pshh”). The thunderous 808 keeps us grounded during the flurry of bars, with bongos adding further texture to the immaculate instrumental.

Babyface Visuals directs the music video, beginning with a short skit featuring Kai Bandz and his friends. A young man is seen walking with a massive stack of bands held to his ear, but is stopped by a group who doesn’t appreciate him acting so arrogantly that close by. An altercation begins, with Kai Bandz stepping in and attempting to defuse the situation by showing the group  the young man with the money was a friend the whole time. When the song begins in earnest Kai raps backed by the entire group while holding the large wad of money from before, all the while keeping an absolutely giant blunt behind his ear.

Kai Bandz Instagram is the spot if you want to keep up with his latest news and releases. His new album is coming October 21st and we can’t wait to hear the rest of it.