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Louie Ray – Okay Den ft. YN Jay

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Louie Ray and YN Jay Team Up to Drop “Okay Den”

Flint, Michigan’s Louie Ray teams up YN Jay yet again for the release of their new song “Okay Den”. The duo have worked together several times before, so this comes as the latest in a string of excellent songs from the pair. Check it out for a dose of smooth hip-hop and ultra-clean bars.

Louie Ray is no stranger to making catchy tracks, his song “Cash App” going viral and sparking a TikTok challenge with hundreds of women getting down with the song. Off of that success, Louie Ray has been able to go on tours and extend his reach far beyond Flint. But “Cash App” isn’t his only hit, his previous team ups with YN Jay “Coochie” and “Triple S” have accumulated several million plays on all platforms. Clearly Louie Ray has earned his title as “The Motivator”, as he works hard and outputs so many incredible catchy songs.

YN Jay is coming out of Beecher, Michigan and is another amazing artist from the Great Lakes State. Starting to rap at a young age, the death of his brother pushed YN to start taking music seriously, and it was what began his development into the talent that he is today. Also no stranger to success, the artist scored a big feature from Lil Pump on his debut album as well as featuring himself on Lil Yachty’s 2021 track “Flintana”. Success is no stranger to YN, and coming together with Louie Ray has created something special

Louie Ray Okay Den

Louie Ray – Okay Den

Hilarious Bars and a Fire Truck

The track, produced by Wayne 616, begins with gorgeous guitar swells in the right channel and ethereal chimes in the left. As the 808 punches through the mix, Louie Ray starts to deliver his signature bars. Such memorable lines as “any problem that I really can’t control I just ate it” are delivered with confidence and charm. As YN Jay begins trading his own lines, the charm of the track is sealed. A stand out bar for me is “Beat your ass/ think he got jumped?/ I got six hands”.

Most of the music video for “Okay Den” takes place in front of a fire truck. The two rappers holding double styrofoam cups as they deliver their bars, with shots interspersed absolutely electric live performance footage. A particularly awesome moment in the video comes when a man with a large assault rifle begins to dance with the rest of the performers.

Louie Ray and YN Jay are both easily found on Instagram, where they are currently promoting this sick new track. Check out these two artists, as this will certainly not be the last time they collaborate.