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Tizzy Stackz – Diamond Scars

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Tizzy Hits Back With His Diamond Hip-Hop Rap

Craving for a hard rap? Well, you are just in time. On September, 23, Tizzy Stackz dropped his rap video titled “Diamond scars” on his YouTube channel. This track is a piece of art for all the right reasons. He appeared on YouTube after a whole month, however, he did not disappoint and the wait was worth it. 

In this song Tizzy, talks about a fake celebrity persona. With his apt upbeat music and smooth flow of lyrics, he narrates how people are blinded by the exterior of a person. In reality, that person is suffering but you only see the pretentious cover of that personality. The cinematography syncs very well with the overall flow of the music. 

In most parts of the song, you will find Tizzy rapping in a quadrangle, later in front of a decorated wall, and then chilling on streets. The credits of editing, shooting, and direction go to SIP Entertainment. 

SIP has also collaborated with many other young artists like Carlen, LilMac, and Veli voe. This Diamond Scars track is a gem since it beautifully captures how broken people try to hide their shortcomings or troubles with their wealth and other luxuries. 

While people in our surroundings easily fall for that. You can access this track on Tizzy’s official YouTube channel @Tizzy Stackz and on iTunes too. For more updates, follow Tizzy on Instagram @TizzyStackz.   

About Tizzy Stackz

Tizzy is a young emerging star from Toronto who has a lot of potential in the music industry. As of September 22, his latest release hit the mark of 4583 views within just 18 hours of its release. His notable rap songs are Right here, No more, and Cost me. All of these videos exceed the 50k view mark.      

Quotable Lyrics

“I got scars I cover them with diamonds

I am in the dark but everyone says I am shining”