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Merezz – Signs ft. Nessly




If you want some hip-hop heat check out the song “ Signs” by Merezz and Nessly.

The song was published on 7.2.2021. but the bars are so fire that it needs to be on the streaming platforms again. This hit should not just fade away after two months.

The instrumental is really dope and they showed mad writing skills on this one.

 The Canadian rapper has a chemistry and enormous charisma that you just can’t ignore.

Merezz is actually from Egypt, but his life in Toronto and London has inspired his rapping.

They spit some quick raps in the dramatic and high-quality music video.

Many say that they are really aggressive on this track while shining with confidence, which is a huge compliment for the two rappers.


Merezz is actually from Egipt, but his life in Toronto has inspired his rapping. 

It is probably the reason for his diverse style and unique flow.

The young rapper admits he is inspired by Migos and 21 Savage.

Besides Nessly, Merezz has worked with some known faces like Yung Tory and Lil Gotit.

Nessly on the other hand is an Atlanta-based rapper known for his songs “WHOHASIT” and “Make it Right”. He has always strived towards originality and empowerment, so it is no wonder he is such a good match for Merezz.

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Quotable lyrics:
“ I burn this bread like a toast,

I might just hop in a ghost,

They try to ride my coat,

Just to see where Imma go”

Go watch the music video for “Signs” by Merezz and Nessly in the video show above:

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