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Smiley – Nicky Nine Door

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The Toronto rapping sensation, Smiley, is now back with his electrifying new single, “Nicky Nine Door,” which will surely bring back smiles (pun intended) to the faces of his 100k+ followers on Instagram and earn him a few more. The song is already making waves among music enthusiasts, receiving over 40k views on YouTube and 200k plays on Spotify.

This barely 2-minute hip-hop track is about partying hard, with Smiley showing off his lavish lifestyle and setting those party nights on fire with some smooth lines over a stuttering beat. Everything from the chill drum beats to the groovy keys set the stage for Smiley to come forth with his unique voice and style. Overall, this OVO Sound rapper manages to glide over the upbeat lyrics that create an infectious and catchy tune that is sure to get the homies to bring on their best moves.

Moreover, the quick cameo of Drake at the one-minute mark has already left the fans gushing over it.

Smily Nicky Nine Door

Nicky Nine Door

Smiley’s Voice Adds Life to the Rags-to-Riches Lyrics

Rising to fame with his 2021 song, Over the Top, Smiley is a testament to the ‘hustle till you make it’ vibes. And this new 2023 song is all about those vibes and making the heads turn with the bold lyrics. Again, this attitude has earned Smiley both raging fans and stark critics, but he seems unfazed by any negative traction.

Furthermore, the song’s lyrics are simple and relatable, making it easy for listeners to rap along. The track also reminds us of the classic doorbell-ringing-and-running game among boys. Contrasting to this is the show of wealth and champagne and the mention of drugs and weed, which will resonate well among his cult followers. Lines like, “I still took a L still got it back / Came from the slum still got pack,” celebrates his growth and success.

Moreover, the song’s video is a treat to all hardcore party lovers as Smiley is seen partying in some crazy locations like a rundown kitchen, a gas station, and a train cart. King Bee Productions directed the video, but Smiley completely stole the show here.

In addition, the song’s success can also be attributed to Smiley’s creativity and ability to connect with his fans. Smiley’s music has become popular among rap enthusiasts, and Nicky Nine Door is no exception. The song’s energetic and vibrant nature is a testament to his talent and ability to produce catchy tracks that can spark the next trend on TikTok.

Overall, Smiley’s daring new single has hooked us all, and we can’t help but look forward to some exciting announcements from the rapper in 2023.

With his original style and bold tracks, Smiley will keep his fans raving and cheering for years. Follow Smiley on Instagram to join his growing fan base and stay updated on his latest projects and releases.