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Mori Briscoe, A New York Rapper

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Artist Spotlight: Mori Briscoe

Being a rapper means to always be hungry for that next success, to always be striving to write that iller verse or to play that better show. When you start to rhyme, it becomes a part of you that cannot be lived without. Music can be an escape from a situation, or a release from your emotions. For Brooklyn rapper Mori Briscoe, music is what he feels will lead him and his family to a better life.

Born and raised in the Crown Heights of Brooklyn, New York, Mori Briscoe grew up around a loving and strong family. “My family was always supportive of what I did,” says Mori, “if it was basketball or music [they] were always behind me”. At the age of 15 is when music started to really click for him, being exposed to talents such as Nas Blixky, Nick Blixky, and 22gz had a profound effect on the trajectory of his life. His biggest influence though was none other than 50 Cent.

Inspired by his rap heroes, Mori began to record tracks with whatever equipment he had available to him. His first songs were laid down using a Playstation headset mic on a program called Bandlab, but being limited by the tools was not enough to stop Mori from producing dope tracks. After years of keeping on his grind and leveling up his songwriting abilities, Mori was recognized by Talk of the Town. Awarded with the prize for “Most Consistent”, this first major success drove the young artist to keep moving forward.

Mori Briscoe

Mori Briscoe

Always grinding, Always Consistent 

Primarily a drill artist, Mori Briscoe takes a fast and smooth flow in most of his tracks. Take for example “Bigg Steppa”, a collaboration with Nas Blixky. He preaches cold lines like “Make your hood hot, no sauna” and “parked in the alleyway shit could get spooky” from deep in the pocket of the song. But he also takes drill beats to unique places, such as on the track “Aaliyah” where he raps about his relationship. Over a sample of the modern classic “Replay”. In the song, he mixes violent drill bars with pledges of affection for the woman this track is about. His breadth and versatility is one of the main things that sets him apart from others in the scene.

Whether it’s through the hardcore bars of his most brutal tracks or through his softer stylings on calmer beats, Mori Briscoes is truly one who is pushes the boundaries of drill and proves that you are limited on a track only by your own creativity. Mori Briscoe can be found on Instagram, where he is always writing tunes and putting out dope tracks. When it comes to his goals in music, Mori said he wants to finish the mission set out by his friend Nick Blixky: to move his family out of where they come from and live a better life. Check out this talented artist and see exactly how far he’s come.