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Lil Macks – Luv Songs

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Lil Macks drops out a new visual for the song Luv Songs

British famous artist Lil Macks released his new single a few days ago. The official video premiere for the song Luv Songs was on August 4, 2022. This fantastic visual is on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel. The rapper did another great project that delighted his audience. In a few days since the song was released, this visual has been viewed by almost 150,000 people. Lil Macks has created another great sound for you to enjoy this summer.

The rapper and his team decided to shoot the visual for the song in Paris. In addition to the great location that this artist chose to shoot the video, we can notice that he perfectly matched his outfit with the concept of the visual and the city where he shot the visual. You will enjoy scenes from the streets of Paris while watching him rap.

This love text is perfectly integrated into the atmosphere of Paris, which everyone calls the city of love. In addition to the beautiful scenes, the audience was especially delighted by this light song that relaxes and brings a pleasant atmosphere. Along with this lovely and light beat, there are also simple and nice melodies in the background, which make this song quickly memorable.

If you want to hear something light that will relax you, then listen to Luv Songs.

This young artist has several great hits behind her that are still being listened to. Just 4 months ago, Lil Macks released the song Oslo. Inspired by this city, the artist created a brutally beautiful visual by shooting scenes for this visual on the streets of Oslo. As we can see, the rapper likes to travel and shoot his visuals in big cities that inspire him. This beautiful visual has been viewed by over 1.7 million people so far.

Lil Macks recently had a great collaboration with Zino. The rappers recorded the song Go Getter released a month ago. The song is absolutely in the style of Lil Macks, and the audience is delighted with their collaboration.

When Lil Mack’s Luv Songs was finally released, the rapper took to his Instagram profile to share Reels of his song with his followers; as well as some great photos from the video shoot. On the profiles of this talented artist, you can see many more good photos and content that the rapper regularly shares with his followers. Follow his profile and stay up to date with all the news and new projects the artist is working on.

Click on the image below and watch the visual for Luv Song. Please tell us how you like the new song and where the rapper chose to shoot the new video in the comments.

In the end, read part of the text of the new song:

I’m new to this, you need to keep in mind (Keep in mind)
A hundred thousand pound, she need the biggest ice
I said “She ten-ten,” she say “Your being nice”
I’m scream ”Free all of my dargs” and they ain’t freein’ mine