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Moula 1st , Osama – Should’ve Ducked / Should’ve Ducked Too (Video)

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Get yourselves ready for the “Should’ve Ducked Too” feat Osama by Moula 1st.

Moula 1st is the rising star in Toronto who, in collaboration with Osama, released a new single and music video called “Should’ve Ducked Too.” The single was released earlier this year, and the official premiere of the music video was on YouTube – earlier this month. 

This Hip-Hop/Rap music genre performer and producer is gaining popularity each day. Working together with Osama on this project was a fantastic course of action, resulting in the forging of a tremendous and meaningful song.

Since its release on YouTube on, 1st of March, this song is already racking up more than 62 thousand views – so they hope that it becomes a huge hit. The “Should’ve Ducked Too” music video is 4:21 long, and it will get you hooked up immediately. These two did mind-blowing work by combining their talents.

The person that was behind the camera and who shoot plus edited the video was Jorden Todishh. He made sure that this music video reaches all the standards of today’s music video scene. When it comes to producers, RicoRunDat and Tony Parker helped Moula 1st and Osama to shine with their new single.

Moula 1st and Osama skillfully carried out this song, and with the help of the team around them, they put this project on another level. The powerful lyrics, catchy sound, and great video will get you pretty attached – and the vibes you’ll get from it are beyond words. When you check out the above video, you’ll realize all the mentioned about the song. It’s obvious that these names are getting of great importance, so listen to Moula 1st and Osama and their new single “Should’ve Ducked Too.” 

Follow Moula 1st for more music to come, and Osama as well. Make sure that you stream their music on all available platforms.