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City Voices Performance By Ally Bandz

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On April 16th, Creator Visionary dropped the music video for Ally Bandz’s performance for “City Voices”. The rapper took the mike and threw some mad bars in the middle of a hood.

The “live” performance showed many that Ally Bandz is not to play with; he has the swag and the bars. He is a full package, plus he has a life story that he shares with his fans through music. In this performance, he is put on the spot; how did he do it? Drop a comment down below.

Who is Ally Bandz?

Ally Bandz dropped “Ariyon,” and it was the first track that grabbed our attention and showed that the guy has rhythm. Later, he surprised his fans with an album, “Capitalize off Pain,” with 10 tracks.

The rapper said the album was his experiment with different phases of the real world and that it wasn’t an easy journey. Still, he is grateful and happy that he can share his talent. The album rocks; it has some pure, authentic bars and even better beats.

Recently the rapper dropped “Faith it until you make it,” so don’t forget to check that out. We hope Ally will rock 2022, and with this performance, he will for sure get some more attention.

If you want to support the young rapper, follow him on his IG page, and listen to this performance:

Check out the video of Ally’s performance on City Voices above on this page. If you think the performance deserves way more attention, drop a comment down below.

Quotable lyrics:

“I have been here 

for a minute,

faithfully sinning,

it is my life now,

we can hear the crowd

singing Ally you did it,

I don’t think New York is for me.”